WordPress is a powerful platform for publishing personal ideas in form of blog and it comes with a great set of features designed to make your experience pleasant and appealing as a publisher.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the popular and best web OpenSource blogging tool/software in the world. WordPress is an open source tool, so it is available for free download from the internet. It is powered by PHP, MySQL data backend and its customizable platform is practically the backbone of the Web 2.0 development. WordPress CMS is user-friendly and offers you easy management of content. WordPress is an unbeatable blogging platform and a great plug-in to develop a content management system. It has tremendous capacity to customize and manage an entire website.

WordPress sites that deliver business results

We are a team of WordPress developers, designers and producers who create professional, high quality WordPress websites for clients arround the globe. Our websites are designed to meet our client’s demands, whether big or small. Each delivered project has the technical capability, plus the visual impact to meet and exceed our client’s goals.

Importantly, our development process on top of WordPress delivers a dynamic environment that can grow alongside your business.

Our core strengths:

  • Solid and well used production processes (think smooth running, on time projects)
  • Deep understanding of the WordPress ecosystem (we live and breathe this stuff!)
  • Great team of designers and developers
  • Real business and marketing experience

At Gratify Solution – Having been around since 2003, WordPress has evolved into an comprehensive content management system. This means that you can design your site to your heart’s content, and we will be able to craft the perfect WordPress site. You’ll even be able to integrate other systems such as mail subscriptions, map, calendars and social media. This means flawless maintenance and management of your business operations. We offer clients a unique combination of super wordpress technology with talent and experience of our wordpress developers such as below.

WordPress Services We Offer


Ask us to design and develop a website that runs on WordPress, and we will not leave a stone unturned to please you. You get layered PSD files along with copyrights and support even after the site goes live.


Provide us with layered PSDs/PNGs and we will convert them into a valid, tested and professional WordPress website.


Customizing WordPress to suit your requirements was never done so professionally and neatly. Our WordPress developers make WordPress customization look like a piece of cake.


Want a feature that is not a part of Magento package? Don't bother! Our WordPress Developers will customize WordPress (without playing with the core files) to make it happen for you.


When it comes to security, we don't leave it to luck. Hire us to get your WordPress website upgraded to the latest version and stay away from Malware and Virus attacks.


We do understand not all of you are technical enough to maintain a store single handedly, neither do all store owners have the time to do so. Look no further and hire us to mantain your store.


Got caught in a trap and hired a not-so-competent WordPress developer to build your website. Don't worry as it is not the end of the world. Hire us and we will fix your WordPress website and make it work smoothly.


We are specialist and marketing WordPress website and bringing in traffic, thus sales. SEO is a specialized field, and we are the masters at it.


WordPress best practices assure that the necessary precautions are used to make your website more secure.