Actively involved in Magento development and community since the earliest releases, we were the first Magento developers in India. With our quality focus and experience in a variety of industries, we deliver solutions that support eCommerce growth.

Why Magento E-commerce?

One of the leading eCommerce solutions for online businesses in various parts of the world is Magento. The fact that it is extremely simple to use makes it a popular choice. If you want eCommerce solutions that work in the favour of your users as well as store managers, then Magento is the best solution to opt for. When you integrate Magento eCommerce solutions into your new website or existing eCommerce store, you can notice the increase in the number of visitors and therefore better conversion rates since this is a search engine friendly option.

What makes Magento the best eCommerce solution?

  • SEO friendly software that can easily impact the ranking on the SERP list
  • Easy to integrate into new websites or existing websites
  • An easy to use Magento dashboard for marketing and promotional activities
  • Simplified web based administration
  • Easy inventory management
  • Easy to create mobile friendly version
  • Simplifies the task of generating reports

At Gratify Solution – we have expert Magento developers for Magento ecommerce development, Magento development & Magento Customization services. As a leading magento development company, we have expertise in custom Magento develoopment services i.e. Magento designing, custom Magento themes development, Magento eCommerce or store management, Magento CMS (content management system), callout graphics & photo editing and many more by using power of Magento. We offer clients a unique combination of super Magento technology with talent and experience of our Magento developers such as:

Magento Services We Offer


Ask us to design an ecommerce store and we will not leave a stone unturned to please you. You get layered PSD files along with copyrights and immediate support until the site goes live.


Provide us with layered PSDs/PNGs and we will convert them into a valid, tested and professional Magento website.


Having been developed on Zend framework, Magento is undoubtedly the hardest ecommerce open source to customize. Yet, our developers make Magento customization look like a piece of cake.


Want a feature that is not a part of Magento package? Don't bother! Our Magento Developers will customize Magento (without playing with the core files) to make it happen for you.


When it comes to security, we don't leave it to luck. Hire us to get your Magento store upgraded to the latest version and stay away from Malware and Virus attacks.


We do understand not all of you are technical enough to maintain a store single handedly, neither do all store owners have the time to do so. Look no further and hire us to mantain your store.


Got caught in a trap and hired a not-so-competent Magento developer to build your store. Don't worry as it is not the end of the world. Hire us and we will fix your crappy store and make it work smoothly.


We are specialist and marketing Magento stores and bringing in traffic, thus sales. Magento SEO is a specialized field, and we are the masters at it.


We are specialist for Data Migration that will help developers migrate store data from Magento 1 to Newly released Magento 2.